Minnona Yoni Yoga - Local Series

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Minnona Yoni Yoga - Local Series

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What is Yoni yoga with Roxanna Minnona

Yoni Yoga is daily maintenance system that addresses the spiritual needs of modern women who are dedicated to their internal work and want to embody their full capacity for bliss and ecstacy as path for self realisation.

It is aimed at improving the quality of women's emotional, physical, mental and sexual health by addressing the core issues that are stored deep in our cells. This unique approach is designed to free up the life force (sexual energy) flowing unrestricted through the body which in turn raises the frequencies and brings more Prana (aliveness) and awareness internally. Naturally this liberates deep residing blockages, unlocking thought forms that contract the body in chronic holding patterns.

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Local Mullumbimby Classes
93 Station Street Mullumbimby

Times: Tuesday 7pm
Dates: March 21 - May 9
Price: $ 27 drop in rate
Series $ 200 for 8 classes