Yoni Yoga

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Yoni Yoga

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Local and Online Series

What is Yoni yoga ?

Yoni Yoga with Roxanna Minnona is daily maintenance system that addresses the spiritual needs of women in our modern world who are dedicated to their internal work and want to embody their full capacity for bliss and ecstasy as path for self realisation.

It is aimed at improving the quality of women's emotional, physical, mental and sexual health by addressing the core issues that are stored deep in our cells. This unique approach is designed to free up the life force (sexual energy) flowing unrestricted through the body which in turn raises the frequencies and brings more Prana (aliveness) and awareness internally. Naturally this liberates deep residing blockages, unlocking thought forms that contract the body in chronic holding patterns.

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Nuts and bolts - "what does a class look like” 

Q. Will I need to be naked? 
A. All my classes are fully clothed (especially in winter) ! 
I recommend wearing something comfortable so you can relax. Tight jeans, and restrictive clothing will impede the experience. 

Q. Do I need a jade egg? 
A. My yoni yoga classes have no need for a yoni / Jade egg. In the past few years i have noticed other women adopting this title Yoni yoga for  Jade / Yoni egg classes.  Yoni yoga with Roxanna Minnona has no Jade egg practises. If you do have one and you’d like to bring it and use it. You can. But its unnecessary in this series. 

Q. I have no Experience, can I still come ? 
A. The majority of the class is experiential,

Q. Can i do yoni yoga on my period? 
A. Yes. One of the primary benefits of Yoni yoga is supporting, healing and educating about proper care during menstruation. 

Q. What if I have an injury? 
A. The majority of the practise involves relaxation and breathing. The focus of the practise is cultivating subtle energy awareness. 
Very rarely some asanas (physical postures) are involved. In any case, its always encouraged to listen to your body and never do anything that hurts or feels like its going against yourself. Support and insight can be attained through discussing any difficulties or challenges that may arise during the session, including physical, emotional, or spiritual issues. 

Q. Why is this just for women? 
A. Some things are just sacred womens business… all earth base cultures understood this along with many great ancient cultures. 
In times gone by women had sacred space as a part of the future, that nurtured the needs specifically of the woman. This would include places for her to menstruate, intuit insights for the community, hold rituals, blessings, rites of passage. It is  apace where mysteries were shared and girls became women. For the most part this has been all but lost form our culture, and with it the essential support we need, in order to stay in health connection with each other, and ourselves.
When women come together in sacred space, it greatly enhance women’s relating to the opposite sex, because it strengthens the polarity. Opposites attract ! 

Q. What is Yoni Yoga for teens? 
Yoni yoga for teens is a journey that explores the issues of self expression, sacred sexuality and embodying our natural state of bliss during our teenage stage of development. This is designed for teenage girls only and can be shared with friends and peers alike. 

Naturally, this journey will form a healthy solid foundation for these young women to continue developing and unfolding throughout their life; it provides a basis from which they can approach relating to each other and the opposite sex with more awareness, self respect and confidence. 

Exposure to this kind of sex education focuses on the vast subtle realms of female sexual energy rather than the factual ‘birds and bees’ which, as we all know, is so far removed from the reality of what a teenage girl is having to negotiate in her inner and outer worlds of budding sensuality and the myriad of accompanying hormones.  These classes provide an environment for the young woman to meet herself and open the doors to her vast inner mystery of feeling and sensation. The kind of education that most women are in deep grievance over never having received.

In our society, we somehow project onto young girls that they are innocent and therefore have no interest in anything relating to sex. Quite the opposite is true ! 

Young women have a lot of interest in exploring their sensuality but it has become such a taboo that there is very little outlet, so in most cases they suppressed their feelings out of embarrassment or just uncertainty learning how to mask their true desires. 

Having a strong connection to our own bodies, our feelings and to our sexual life force, provides an incredible wealth of inner - guidance as to how to live our life, and more so, how to enjoy our life! something we tend to forget, while striving for success. 

This has been a long time coming, with many inclinations and requests along the way. Recently, a gutsy 12 year girl attend a session and it gave me the impetus to create a class that is tailored directly for teenage girls. The grief that arose for the group of women attending was astounding; simply having a young woman in the space connected the rest of the group to what "THEY WISH THEY HAD AT THAT AGE” and the different kinds of decisions they would have made including the quality of experiences that could have been possible if any one had : 
1. acknowledged they were feminine - and that is a beautiful thing. 
2. acknowledged them as sexual beings with feelings and desires. 
3. taught them about female sexual energy and how to listen to their body! 

Yoni yoga for teens is my answer to what I wish i knew when I was a teenager.