Announcement of Retirement by Shantam Nityama

Due to major health issue I, Shantam Nityama/Tantric Mongoose, am retiring from public life and any activities in the Tantric / Conscious Sex community. Due to the rapid changes that are taking place on this plane at this time I will still be available to anyone by personal request only. If any of you out there are interested in being trained by me in any way then go to the website and state your interest in future online trainings and other events. I will continue to be available to anyone, with those I have a deeper connection with, via phone or skype. 

I also want to make it really clear to the world that I have never trained anyone how to do Nitvana Bodywork. So buyers beware, because the field is full of imposters.

I am taking a new direction for my life and will focus on my life purpose as a spiritual guide and a priest. From now on I will be taking on my Priest name Baba Fa`tise (Faa-tieesh-ay). 

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Ase -o 

Sexuality & Divinity

Living in tune with your natural life force

A true master follows their own footprints, encoded within us before arriving in this incarnation. Someone else may remind us, someone else may empower us, but no one else can possibly know the unique contours of our own true path. Since you are the only one living in your temple, only you can know its scriptures and interpretive structure. The next step is right there inside you, divinely imprinted on the souls of your feet.

Baba Fa`tise

Nityama is currently taking a new direction for his life and will focus on his higher calling to be available to our communities as a spiritual guide and a priest of IFA. From now he will be taking on his Priest name Baba Fatise (fa-teesh-ay). 

If you would like to find out more please join the waitlist and we will be in touch with you when we have more information.


The Feminine is the portal to all manifestation. Like the earth, what ever seeds you plant in her, in the right conditions, she will grow indiscriminately. In other words, she will grow roses or weeds all the same. The spiritual maintenance of a woman's womb is so vital in her maintaining a beautiful quality of life.  

Omo Iya Omitola

Dancing the Divine was launched in 2002, a pioneering course that Roxanna created based on her own healing journey. After encountering Nityama, and the profound transformation through his masterful guidance, she went on to develop her work in support of the wider community and to have greater access to his spiritual teachings.
In recent years Roxanna has received her Priest Initiations in IFA and is taking on her spiritual name of Iya Omitola.