Sexuality & Divinity

Living in tune with your natural life force

A true master follows their own footprints, encoded within us before arriving in this incarnation. Someone else may remind us, someone else may empower us, but no one else can possibly know the unique contours of our own true path. Since you are the only one living in your temple, only you can know its scriptures and interpretive structure. The next step is right there inside you, divinely imprinted on the souls of your feet.

Shantam Nityama

A True Master of our times, inspiring men and women to shake off our conditioning and rise up to our godly human potential.
A disciple of Osho for 20 years, Nityama is a potent catalyst for personal and collective healing at the deepest levels. 


The Feminine is the portal to all manifestation. Like the earth, what ever seeds you plant in her, in the right conditions, she will grow indiscriminately. In other words, she will grow roses or weeds all the same. The spiritual maintenance of a woman's womb is so vital in her maintaining a beautiful quality of life.  

Roxanna Minnona

Dancing the Divine was launched in 2002, a pioneering course that Roxanna created to help women access their authentic sexual expression and heal many aspects of their life in the process. Since it’s inception, this body of work has grown and evolved largely due to the inspiration and mentoring form Shantam Nityama and is now practiced by a thriving community of women actively engaged in living their lives to their fullest potential.