Workshops Overview

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A Tantric Life has offered a variety of Workshops both Online and Residential.
We are currently developing a new range of services & events that will be listed here as they become available. This page provides an outline to the kinds of events we offer.

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WILD LOTUS - Yoni yoga
Iya omitola


Yoni yoga was created by Iya Omitola in 2009 as part of a daily maintenance system that addresses the spiritual needs of modern women who are dedicated to their internal work and want to embody their full capacity for bliss and Bliss as a path for self realisation. 


Mens MentorinG with Nityama


Designed to assist men to become an effective positive influence in all areas of their lives, especially focusing on how to strengthen their masculine presence and self mastery. Nityama’s extensive knowledge, experience and development of effective methods with proven results becomes a invaluable resource to our fellow brothers. 

The mentoring program involves a combination of group sessions conducted via live video streaming & independent assignments. The live sessions will be recorded and available to participants to download. The course will be complimented with extensive material to enhance ongoing personal research and development. 

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Sacred Women's Retreats
Iya Omitola


Awaken your sacred sexual life force and restore your faith in the power of the feminine creative spirit (The Mother). 

Most of us have been raised to be ‘good girls’ and in our efforts to be loved and accepted, we have adopted destructive habits to ‘be all things to all people’. This has driven us into devastating health issues, physically and emotionally. This, along with other traumas, prevents the woman from feeling her subtleties and vast capacity for ‘orgasmicness’.

Wild Lotus Retreats with Roxanna offer women an opportunity to relinquish their day to day obligations and turn the gaze back inside, to nurture the feminine waters and emerge renewed and realigned. 

These retreats are held in beautiful villa's in choice locations around the world. Your welcome to invite Roxanna to host a retreat near you. 

IFA Initiation
With Iya Omitola, Baba Fatise & Baba alawode

December 2019


Ifa is an ancient, nature based spiritual tradition that originates from the Yoruba Nation (Nigeria) in Africa. This sophisticated and intricate system holds much wisdom and ashe (power) that proves so relevant and increasingly necessary in contemporary life.

We are currently taking expression of interest to attend the IFA Initiation Retreat. Apply to attend and we will be in touch with you when the logistic details are finalised.

Nitvana Bodywork Trainning
with Shantam Nityama

A revolutionary approach to working with the healing intelligence of the body. Developed and mastered by Shantam Nityama over a life time of devoted exploration and study. 


Key Features include:

  • Principals to Nitvana Bodywork.

  • Introduction to the spiritual anatomy components of the Nitvana Bodywork.

  • Basic steps of the bodywork procedures.

  • Energy building techniques to enhance the potency of the bodywork.

Trainning Includes:
Written Support Material
~ Full Demonstration of the Bodywork - Live demo
~ Personalised assistance for each participant


with Iya Omitola


There is a profound correlation between Tea & Tantra that is revealed through the process of sampling the finest grades of High Mountain Oolong in the ancient Chinese tea ritual of "Gong Fu Cha Ceremony” (Tea Kung Fu).

Tea ceremonies are a key feature in our residential programs. Attend a Tea Ceremony in our tea house in Byron Bay, Australia by appointment OR in listed events when we are on tour. 

TEA & Tea sets can be purchased through the website SHOP