Please be advised - all sessions with Baba Fatise are online using the Zoom Platform. To book a session read the description and complete the application form. We will be in contact to discuss availability and times.

Sessions for women


$ 600 AUD
2 + hours



Consultation session

These sessions for any woman who desires to live their life more consciously, efficiently and confidently. They are particularly suited to women who are finding themselves in crisis, as far as, how to make sense of life in 2019.

Baba Fatise offers assistance to help uncover and see the things that have contributed to our lack of understanding of how to function in the world at this time. In light of the fact that we have never been educated on this, Baba Fatise offers clarity to misinformation we have received on relating, health and parenting.

He offers strategies for parents on how to interact and structure their relationships with children to give them the best opportunity to grow up healthy and intelligent.

Baba Fatise shares his gift for assisting women to become more familiar with themselves based on their particular configuration using a number of different sophisticated modalities and his many years of experience. Each session is individualised providing a picture of the unique way each client functions.



First session
$1100 AUD

$ 700 AUD



Consultation + Energy healing

This sessions includes a consultation in conjunction with distal energy work that opens the multi -dimensional facilities within a women.

The energetic transmission works by opening sexual (life force) energy that enables a woman to become more familiar with herself in her own body and the way her sexual life force moves through her in all its subtle nuances and dynamics. Thus opening her to many aspects of herself that correlate to the various frequencies that are activated through the transmission. 

This component of the session gives the woman a direct experience of her unique energetic blueprint which enhances her ability to experience and know herself through her subtilities, rather than everything being applied to physicality.


“Baba Fatise showed me how I habitually block the flow of energy in my body and then - the blissful experience of feeling my own energy flowing unobstructed. I left with an embodied sense of what was possible for my life.”

For Women

Monthly rates:

$400 = 1
$1000 = 3
$1800 = 6


TOP UP Session for women

This session is an energy bliss session designed to keep women connected in wiht their process and keep their energy flowing. The top up also includes receiving greater assistance from the orgon machine to support the individual with illuminating and breaking through some of the more challenging patterns and aspects of their inner process.

The sessions are offered in Monthly Packages ;
1 x Bliss energy session per month
1 x Month Of orgon machine support

$ 400 = 1 Month
$ 1000 = 3 Months
$ 1800 = 6 Months

Please Note; this service is only available to women who have received a full session including consultation & energy work.

Sessions for Men  


$900 AUD



Consultation & Personalised Prescription

The consultations for men involve enhancing life skills in the areas of relationship, personal growth and development for themselves and any other areas of concern that the man may have. 

Within each consultation for a man, Baba Fatise will devise a unique personalised prescription of ongoing homework that the client can continue with long after his initial session. Using his many years of experience, Baba Fatise is able raise the fundamental basic life skills to a higher more developed level. The exercises and practises prescribed will continue to assist him to develop his personal power and masculine presence in his life and relationships. Therefore the value of this session will extend far beyond the consultation time frame.

There is so much misinformation regarding manhood, relating, parenting etc. Each session is tailored to the specifics of each individual man, utilising a number of different sophisticated modalities to provide information for his specific situation. Men find these consultations are very helpful for clarifying any areas that they may have received any faulty information in the early part of their life. Each man receives very individualised information for how to proceed, enabling them to live life in a more sophisticated and intelligent way.


Sessions for Couples

Baba’s approach is to work with each individual on their personal spiritual process.

considerations are being made to provide a service to support couples in their relating.





 Could be coming soon

Baba Fatise has a life time of dedication to understanding the spiritual anatomy of a human being. Through his own inner process and through assisting thousands of men and women around the planet, Nityama has the capacity to efficiently and effectively cut through to the deepest issues and provide proven solutions to navigate through ones inner world.

A true master of our times, with remarkable insight,  endless compassion and unflinching honesty, Baba Fatise is able to reflect and guide people to their deepest transformations and greatest self realisations, whilst gently holding them true to their personal life path.




Mentoring Sessions



Men’s Mentoring
& women’s Mentoring

group or individual

for personal development or career training

Could be coming soon

Many requests have been made to Baba Fatise to provide mentorship. Online mentoring group courses and individual mentoring session series’ are currently being considered for both men and women in the areas of both personal development, such as relationship and intimacy coaching, spiritual growth as well as career training and development.

Specific interest has been expressed to learning The bodywork system as created by Baba in his former years as well as facilitation training for tantra related groups.

Please register your specific interest by clicking the button and providing full details of the kind of mentoring you are seeking.


Nitvana Bodywork

Baba Fatise, formerly known as Shantam Nityama, is a world renowned for his contributions to the Sex and consciousness movement through his teachings and the Nitvana Bodywork.


Video includes:

- An introduction to Nityama's work
- Female Bodywork Demonstration
- Male Bodywork Demonstration
Approx. running time: 2 hrs., 48 min.

$70 USD

Current workshops and events