About the work

Sexual energy is our life force energy - they are one and the same. Most of the programming in our society and the conditioning we are exposed to early in our life, forms obstructions to the natural flow of this life force which creates distortions in how we view and experience everything in our life. Sex is the essence of who we are, so when we address our sexuality, we address the whole being. 

The more subtle something is, the more powerful.
— Shantam Nityama

Consultation and Bodywork.

The session can happen in person Or via Skype. 

How long does it last ?

The length of time required for discussions and for the body to open up and the life force to do what is necessary, can vary from person to person.  Generally 2 - 3 hrs though sometimes longer.

What can I expect during the bodywork? 

For everyone it is unique according to where you are in your process and how life works with you.

You may feel some emotions or suppressed memories – that is normal and healthy and I will guide you through it and beyond it. Just like the flow of any powerful energy, electricity, water, or air, when the blocks clear out, you will begin to experience the free flow of orgasmic waves coursing throughout your body, and this can go on for some time.

The whole experience is held with total sensitivity, guiding you into all the shadows and unclaimed parts of yourself while supporting you to stay present and real with your experience. 

The bodywork component

Based on the Nitvana bodywork created by Shantam Nityama. It is a ‘hands on’ polarity therapy style of bodywork designed to increase the flow of sexual energy (universal life force) through out the body. This sexual /life force has an incredible intelligence that naturally restores and aligns us to our inherent divinity while revealing deep insights awareness and clearing blockages. 

There are various stages of the bodywork. The beginning phase is firstly focused around being able to stay present in the body and breath. The second stages are increasing sensitivity to subtle energy and the flow of life force, feeling and expressing any repressed emotions or experiences that may arise. The final stage is opening up to sustained states of bliss and whatever healing or awakenings may occur as a result. 

The consultation component

 Utilising a variety of tools to explore your inner consciousness, integrating any realisations or awakenings that can occur in the bodywork. Much of the work is looking at how we function in habitual behaviours, addressing beliefs systems,  ideas about yourself, theories or values that may be causing obstructions. 
The whole experience is held with total sensitivity, guiding you into all the shadows and unclaimed parts of yourself while supporting you to stay present and real with your experience. 


Benefits for women

  • Greater self esteem, confidence and self love.
  • Restoring  the mind and womb from any misuse, neglect or trauma.
  • Awakening orgasmic states of being, liberating fears, insecurities or any other issues in relation to her life.
  • Learning how the female body is designed to function and the woman’s role in conscious lovemaking vs. the man’s role.
  • Returning to your feminine, receptive nature and out of the masculine ways that you have been trained to function in.
  • Learning what a conscious man looks for in a woman and what he needs from you in lovemaking. 
  • Experience how you can do to break the cycle of old unconscious sex patterns and move into a more conscious and satisfying approach to lovemaking.

Benefits for Men

  • Unburdening guilt, fear, pain and pressures that society can unnecessarily place on Man.
  • Liberating root causes of sexual blocks and basic confusion around what it means to be a man.
  • Bringing greater clarity, focus, alignment and integrity with your life force.
  • Creating a stronger connection to will, true purpose and your beautiful masculine power.
  • Learn about women and what their real needs are from you.
  • Deeper and more satisfying intimacy. At the point in which you have felt with your own emotional blockages and fears and have opened to your natural state, you will be able to assist the woman in her life to experience her orgasmicness and womanhood. 
  • Experience how powerful and beautiful your orgasmic sexual energy is, free of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • This entire experience will give you a sense of the possibilities you can experience in your intimate relationships and how it flows over into all areas of your life.



  NITVANA Demo   Digital Download 

Digital Download 

This video was shot on April 4th, 2008 in Chicago at a live Nitvana Bodywork Demonstration during the first day of a 3 day workshop for men and women. The two models used in the demonstration were workshop participants who volunteered to be in the demonstration.

This was their first encounter with the work.

Video includes:
• an introduction by Shantam Nityama
• female bodywork demonstration by Nityama
• male bodywork demonstration by Sasha Cobra

Approx. running time: 2 hrs. and 48 min.

$70 usd




Shantam Nityama
Excerpt from Nirvana Bodywork Demonstration
Chicago 2007