Tantric Tea Consultation


Tantric Tea Consultation


The Tea Consultation is somewhat of a general introductory type of session.

There is a profound correlation between Tea & Consciousness that is revealed through the process of sampling the finest grades of High Mountain Oolong in the ancient Chinese tea ritual of "Gong Fu Ceremony” (Tea kung Fu). Like all martial arts, Tea Kung Fu is a door way to higher states of consciousness and is the perfect environment to initiate a conversation around, love, intimacy, sex and relating. This conversation can go in any direction and will illuminate where the person is thriving and what is hindering them by identifying any misconceptions, beliefs and habits that are undermining the individuals capacity for true love and satisfaction. This ceremony will take you on a journey though your inner landscape, awakening your senses and subtle bliss states. This can be due to childhood experiences, ancestral patterns, fears and insecurities or faulty belief systems. All is revealed through the mysterious language of the tea ritual as well as the solutions and remedies contained within.

These sessions are available to individuals, couples and small groups ie womens groups / mens groups.

Cost: $120 /pp
Group 5+ : $95/pp

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What Happens in the Ceremony? 

The zen field that is created by adhering to the Cha Tao (the way of tea) is tremendously beneficial to your overall state of health and well being, and will provide support, spiritual insights, clarity and solutions to the sacred study of your Self. You come away feeling inspired, awakened with guidance, and clear about what direction to move in.

Enjoy a 3 hour degustation of rare artisan produced teas while explore your love life.

  • Learn the procedures and techniques for preparing the Teas correctly for the maximum taste and health benefits.

  • Examining the properties of each tea through the smell, colour, texture, taste and felt sense.

  • Enhance your pleasure, enjoying good health and great taste in a meditative and inspirational way!

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Contact me if you’d like to set a date for a private group sitting