Bliss Sessions 

For women


$ 700 Euro
$ 1050 AUD

Suggested Minimum Donation



1 hour consultation; 2 hours of Bliss energy work

Two components, consultation & energy based bodywork. The focus of the energy bodywork session is to experience and understand what is required to live in a state of bliss. The Bodywork Component of this session involves energy work only and no genital touch. For the full bodywork experience - Nitvana Bodywork.

Often times, people are aware of needing to change something in their lives, but are too focused on the external to have a clear grasp of what needs to be “fixed”.  This style of bodywork is an inward journey toward transformation. It utilizes energy to begin to open places where chronic tension is being held in the body.  This tension consists of obstructive theories, thought patterns, belief structures and ideas an individual has of themselves. As the energy accumulates, vibrates and begins to create more space, the body creates a communication with the mind, allowing the individual to have their own understanding, insight and experience into their internal world, seeing any unprocessed feelings and trauma they have been storing in the body, as well as ineffective theories they have been functioning out of, in order to clear and pave the way for transformation.  From here, the person is realigned to their true self, empowered to create the changes necessary to live authentically and in alignment with their nature.

Excerpt from the DVD
Nitvana Bodywork
demonstrating the 'energy work' component. 

Nitvana Bodywork 



 1000 Euro
$ 1450 AUD

Suggested Minimum Donation

women empowering women pyramidwomen empowering women pyramid



1.5 hour consultation; 2.5 hour of bodywork

Two components, consultation & bodywork (as see in the DVD) 

Nitvana Bodywork, is a hands-on, energy based style of bodywork, created by Shantam Nityama.  

Nitvana™ Bodywork is an opportunity for women and men to reconnect with their intrinsic nature by experiencing the natural flow of their sexual energy throughout their bodies, free of any agendas and expectations.

These sessions are designed to raise the capacity for experiencing increased Bliss and to assist in the eliminating of any general or sexual traumas stored in the body. Nitvana™ Bodywork has the ability to open energy channels and pathways that have been obstructed since childhood.

It facilitates women in reconnecting with their positive pole (the heart), while assisting the men in reconnecting with their positive pole (the genitals), thus realigning both to their natural polarity.

Women scheduling for a Nitvana bodywork sessions are required to be familiar with the work (as per the DVD).

Video includes:

- An introduction to Nityama's work
- Female Bodywork Demonstration
- Male Bodywork Demonstration
Approx. running time: 2 hrs., 48 min.

$70 USD

Session for Men  



1000 Euro
$1450 AUD

Suggested Minimum Donation


1.5 hour consultation; 1.5 hour of bodywork

Two components, consultation & bodywork.
The main focus of these sessions is to support a man in fortifying his connection with his manhood and the part of him that knows how to stand and protect his masculinity while he is interacting with women. 

It uses sexual energy (universal life energy) to remove obstructions to one’s natural flow of energy through the channels of the body.  The removal of these obstructions is essential for a man to be able to return to his true masculinity as a body-felt experience.  This enables the man to reconnect with his internal power, his sense of authority and personal integrity.

Note: There is no genital touch/stimulation involved in this bodywork when performed by Nityama on a Man. 



Men Or Women

In Person
or Via skype

300 Euro/ hr
$ 450 aud/HR




 Consultation by the hour

Nityama has a life time of dedication to understanding the spiritual anatomy of a human being. Through his own inner process and through assisting thousands of men and women around the planet, Nityama has the capacity to efficiently and effectively cut through to the deepest issues and provide proven solutions to navigate through ones inner world.

A true master of our times, with remarkable insight,  endless compassion and unflinching honesty, Nityama is able to reflect hold people their deepest transformations and greatest self realisations, whilst gently holding them true to their personal life path.




Mentoring for Men

For Man Or Relationships

Note:  a woman is required for this session

1800 Euro
$2700 AUD






2 Hour Consultation; 2 hours of hands-on Instruction

Many men are longing to experience the liberated, sensually available woman. This type of woman is  a powerful sensual partner, that can also shower a man's internal experience with spiritual power, financial abundance, peace of mind and much more.

The average woman has taken in so much toxic negativity into her field, that she is virtually unrecognizable as the magnetic, feminine, delicious creature that she was designed to be.  Instead the average modern woman is oriented to the masculine and is therefore exhausted, controlling and fearful.

What can be done? There is no shortage of misinformation, disinformation and lies offering to solve relationship and sexual challenges. Everything from sexual potency pills to seduction programs to questionable relationship advice.  It’s no wonder that most people are truly struggling to determine what works and what is purely scam.

Because so many men and women need a real solution for understanding deeper levels of relating, Shantam Nityama has dedicated the majority of his life assisting women and men to find proven solutions. This includes encouraging women to develop the art of deep relaxation in order to experience their essential authentic sexual selves, which allows them to discover their innate orgasmic nature. After devoting decades to this work, he created a breakthrough sexual methodolgy that provides real results. The  Nitvana BodyWork process is like nothing you have ever witnessed and provides a glimpse into a realm of power and pleasure that has been previously known by only a small handful of sexual adepts.

What makes this such a game changer for so many lovers is not only the realization of deep sexual bliss, connection and intimacy, but also the profound spiritual power that is only available to a sexually activated woman.  

The mentoring sessions for men, will assist a man to come to his own godliness and to engage with woman in a capacity to open her to her highest nature and in tern strengthen his own divinity. 


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