Divination + Consultation & Bodywork


Divination + Consultation & Bodywork

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What do you need & how can we help ?

We offer a variety of one to one services to support you in your ongoing process.

You can request a session with either of us, depending on your needs and our availability.

The session content is assed according to the needs of person, time frame and budget, so we can find a way together to get you what you need. If your not sure what approach is best for you, complete the form bellow and we will contact you to discuss.

Following is a list of services that we all provide.
During check out you will be asked to complete a form where you can for you to select who your wanting to work with. After receiving your request we will contact you to confirm your details and session time.

  • Introductory Session $ 150 / 1 hour
    To discuss your needs & preliminary briefing of what services would most suit you. This allows you to connect in with us and feel how the work could serve your life.

  • Skype Session $ 300/hour or $700/3 hours
    A combination of Consultation & Energy work

  • In House Session $ 575 per session / 2 hours
    A combination of Consultation & Energy / body work, sometimes may also include complimentary services such a divination, vibrational healing, sound healing, ceremony and so on, if required and requested.

  • IFA Divination $ 120 per reading
    This is an ancient divination tool incorporated at the heart of the IFA spiritual system. Rigorous study and training is required to perform these divination, using a binary code of 256 patterns to inform and guide us on how to live in alignment with our life force destiny. As Priests of IFA, we are authorised but still in our training phase, and therefor at this stage, the divination is being offered as an enhancement to other services we provide. Readings are typically requested for the purpose of a Yearly & Monthly forecast or around a particular issue. (The issue can be anything at all form health, monetary, or relationship or general in nature)

    NB Our divination services are offered by donation. You have the option to pay $120 AUD through check out OR make a donation at your nominated amount.

  • IFA Divination $650 Package
    This provides you with your yearly reading along with 12 x monthly readings.
    sent to you on the 1st of each month as a recorded voice message and notes.
    You can ask any questions, by sending them on whats app or email and they will be answered within 24 -48 hours. We can also schedule a meeting if required to discuss the reading in more depth.

    NB Our divination services are offered by donation. You have the option to pay $120 AUD through check out OR make a donation at your nominated amount.

  • Spiritual Mentorship with Baba Fatise - TBA
    Join the waitlist to be the first to know when this service comes online.

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