Private Session with Roxanna

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Private Session with Roxanna

from 120.00

A private session with Roxanna Minnona consists
of Two Components:  Consultation and Bodywork

Where: These sessions happen in person.
See Skype Bliss Sessions & consultations for online  

How long does it last ?
The length of time required for the discussions and for the body to open up and the life force to do what’s necessary, can vary from person to person but generally 2 - 3 hrs. Sometimes longer.



Type of session:
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What can I expect during the bodywork? 

For everyone it is unique according to where you are in your process and how life works with you.

The bodywork component of the private sessions are based on the Nitvana bodywork created by Shantam Nityama. It is a ‘hands on’ polarity therapy style of bodywork designed to increase the flow of sexual energy (universal life force) through out the body. This sexual /life force has an incredible intelligence that naturally restores and aligns us to our inherent divinity while revealing deep insights awareness and clearing blockages. 

There are various stages of the bodywork. The beginning phase is firstly focused around being able to stay present in the body and breath. The second stages are increasing sensitivity to subtle energy and the flow of life force, feeling and expressing any repressed emotions or experiences that may arise. The final stage is opening up to sustained states of bliss and what ever healing or awakenings may occur as a result. 


You may feel some emotions or suppressed memories – that is normal and healthy and I will guide you through it and beyond it . Just like the flow of any powerful energy, electricity, water, or air, when the blocks clear out, you will begin to experience the free flow of orgasmic waves coursing throughout your body, and this can go on for some time.