Byron Bay, Australia
Winter Solstice
18 - 23 June, 2019



Through out history women came together in sacred space, some refereed to it as The Red Tent. This was a place to heal, educated, intuit information beneficial to the collective. Women came here to nurture themselves in all manner of ways and rituals, for it was recognised as a fundamental necessity for women’s wellbeing, and therefore, the health of the whole community.

The world is in our hands. Our very survival is dependant on woman. We all came into this world through the womb of a woman. Our mothers are usually our first teachers, showing us how to live, eat, sleep and make decisions. It makes sense for women to take time out in a way that addresses the essential inner work that nurtures a woman’s mental, emotional, physical and sexual health. Directly and indirectly, this is of great importance to us all.

What are we doing

 Initiation rituals are Sacred Rites of Passage fundamental to the wellbeing of a woman. by using the healing power of our sexual energy, this ancient ritual dissolves the negativity generated through conditioning, belief systems, traumas and destructive patterns. It creates an opening for the woman to birth  her self anew,  and the reclaim her authentic feminine identity. 
Alike the atmosphere that surrounds deaths and births, sensory awareness is heighten and a profound presence is felt. Participants complete this process feeling renewed, stripped of fears and limitations and brought to a refreshed outlook on life and a restored faith in the feminine creative spirit. read more 


Why are we doing it

Women, by nature, have an endless capacity for love, bliss and manifestation. Sadly her inherent potential has been neglected and we have forgotten the ways of the woman. 
Most women feel a lack of satisfaction in their lives, especially sexually. This is because most of us have been raised to be ‘good girls’ and in our efforts to be loved and accepted, we have adopted destructive habits to be all things to all people, in all ways. This contributes to the many difficulties we have, especially in feeling sublime subtleties and orgasmic bliss and has driven a lot of women into devastating health issues, physically and emotionally/mentally.  


The Program  

 Your coming on a journey! Weaving through your innermost landscape to restore your femininity and unlock your deepest hearts longing; to know yourself as love! 
 Immersed in a powerful transformative energy field, this delicately guided process unfolds around the Sacred Rites of Passage Ritual. The program structure is intuitively created so it can adapt uniquely to each groups, taking into consideration all of elements including the participants interests and key issues. Activities include, Tea ceremony, Yoni yoga sessions, dance and movement therapy, voice and Sound healing, sharing circles .... 

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Tea Ceremony

A door way
to higher consciousness

There is a profound correlation between Tea & Conciousness that is revealed through the ancient Chinese tea ritual of “Gong Fu Ceremony” (Tea kung Fu).