Online mentoring series

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Online mentoring series


This mentoring series is designed for women to come together and connect and continue their ongoing inner work with the support of other woman on the path to self realisation. 

This series includes 6 sessions held once every 2 weeks over a 3 month period.
Each session runs for 2.5 hours and includes both a practical element & personal mentoring for each of the participants. 

February 7 (& 6th) - April 18 (17th), 2019
6 weeks, 6 classes, every fortnight
This is a live video link up session, Check your time zone  
Note: Australia 7th, 7:30am = Rome 6th 9:30pm

  • Melbourne (Australia )Thursday 7:30 am

  • Rome (Italy) Wednesday 9:30 pm

  • London (United Kingdom) Wednesday 8:30 pm

  • San Francisco (USA - California) Wednesday 12:30 noon

  • New York (USA - New York) Wednesday 3:30 pm

  • Tallinn (Estonia) Wednesday 10:30 pm

The group is kept to a limited size of approximately 12 women. This helps to achieve an intimate environment and personalised attention.

These sessions are here to support your ongoing spiritual work and elevate your community of sisters to be allies to you on this path.

Wise woman teachings to restore your relationship with your womanhood:-
- Healing the Mother Wound.
- Deconstructing societal conditioning & personal myths.
- Increasing our capacity to experience Bliss in the body.
- Nourishing our Sacred feminine sexuality with Yoni yoga
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