Wild Lotus Sessions

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Wild Lotus Sessions

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To support your loyalty to yourself, and a deeper commitment to your process, I’m offering the Wild Lotus Sessions as a series.
Each Series has a particular focus depending on the season, moon cycles, planetary influences and most importantly, the needs of the participants.
The sessions are more potent when working with a committed group of women over a series of sessions that allows us to move deeply into the energy themes governing that period.


Evening Series : 3 sessions
Monday 21st Jan - 4th Feb 
Time 7 - 10pm  (3 hour session including Tea Ceremony)
Cost: $30/ session = $90
Theme: Grieving and reconciliation. Feeling is healing…

Morning  Series - 5 sessions 
Monday 11th Feb - 11 March 
Time 9:30am - 11:30am 
Cost: $25/ session x 5 = $125
Theme: The relationship between our womb and our health 


These sessions are aimed at addressing our deep need to fully let go and open up to life as it is happening in the body without the interference from our mind and holding patterns that obstruct our natural flow.
Through the yoni yoga practise as well as sharing circle, tea ceremony, improving our communication skills and communing with the forces of nature. Each session also incorporates deep relaxation & meditation where we intuit insights needed for regeneration and integration.  Simply allowing feelings to arise and be experienced is healing. This is a space to open up to any unresolved emotions, be it from your own life time or throughout past generations.
Our capacity for happiness and bliss is directly linked to our ability to feel.

More about the Yoni Yoga practise

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