Bali Retreat: 1 - 7 December, 2019
Baba Fa`tise, Baba la wode & Iya Omi tola

Ifa is an ancient, nature based spiritual tradition that originates from the Yoruba Nation (Nigeria) in Africa. This sophisticated and intricate system holds much wisdom and ashe (power) that proves so relevant and increasingly necessary in contemporary life.


The Power of Nature

Some describe Ifa as “The science of the self through the study of nature”. Through coming to know ourselves and our personal ecology, we have the opportunity to truly be of service and fulfill our destiny in this life. This system provides invaluable guidance in maintaining the wellbeing of our selves, our community and the world.


The Ifa spiritual system incorporates 3 primary pillars:

1. Divination, tools for living on path with our personal destiny.
2. Ancestral connection, reverence and healing.
3. Intimate communion with the natural world and the forces of nature (Orishas) for elevating personal and collective consciousness.

With this spiritual tradition comes a rich culture full of ritual, dance, music, prayer and a cosmology of creation that gives meaning and context to our lives today.

Through simplicity, this ancient system reveals the intelligence and sophistication of life and the best way to live according to your unique destiny.


Why Initiation?

Being Initiated into Ifa opens a deep reciprocal relationship between you and the higher forces of nature. The initiation is where the Babalawos pass on the frequencies to the sincere student that wishes to begin this study. The frequencies or states of consciousness that the Babalawo (priest) initiates in the student, support and enhance their accelerated study and learning. This supports the initiate to gain access to the sacred knowledge and mysterious forces that govern the world in which we live.

When you choose to initiate into Ifa, you will become a member of the community or spiritual family (Ile). It is important to choose a Babalawo that you resonate with and would like to have in your life as a spiritual guide / godfather type of person. The spiritual family is maintained and supported by the consciousness field and spiritual practises of the Babalawo that initiated you. Within the Ile, all members recognise that they are in an ongoing process that involves being mentored by elders and mentoring new members. This puts you in a continuum of giving and receiving. This humble approach of receiving and giving, allows us to remember the deep truth that we are all connected in a cosmic collaboration with both seen and unseen elements.


Your Life Path Reading

One of the most valuable elements to the Ifa Initiation is receiving your Life Path Reading. This will give you clear guidelines as to your overall destiny and purpose in this life. You will also be shown the degree to which you are already on path or what adjustments (small or major) need to be attended to.
The whole process includes rituals, meditations and vision quests that reveal and align the initiate to their Higher Self. The information divined in the final Eta, “ life path reading”, affirms much of the insights revealed in the initial rituals. Each reading is very unique and specific to each person. No two initiations are the same.

what does the Initiation Involve

RECEIVING powerful SPIRITUAL tools to live your life.

  1. Hand of Orunmila ( 16 kola nuts)

  2. Receiving & activating the Orishas - Ileke

  3. Receiving Eshu & The Warriors -Ogun & Ochossi - ritual tools

  4. Life Path Reading

  5. Training & support material

  6. Membership to our Spiritual Family “ Ile Australia Inc” .

    You are given a unique opportunity to know and fulfil your life purpose with support from the spiritual family that comprises of the ancestors, the Orishas and the Ifa community.


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Ubud Bali Indonesia
Baba Fatise, Baba Ala wode & Iya Omi tola

Dates: 1 - 7 December
Price : 5500 USD
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Limited to 15 Participants.

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