Living a Tantric Life - Audio Interview

An interview with Roxanna Minnona
Kris Mc Kintyre from Sacred Womens Business
February 28, 2016

"The heart is the woman’s place of power. But what women fail to understand is that its their softness, their Yin, that is the most powerful force. It’s like the water that cuts through stone. As women, we are all here to be love. But being a truly deeply loving, caring, feeling, compassionate woman is one of the rarest qualities that you will find in our culture right now." Roxanna Minnona

In this episode of Sacred Women’s Business, Roxy shares her knowledge and experience about:

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Location: Rocket Music, Fox Studios, Sydney, Australia
Sound engineer & editor: David Holmes


For more than 14 years, Tantric goddess and temple dancer, Roxanna Minnona, has been helping men and women around the world reconnect with their essential nature and true calling. Through her ‘Dancing the Divine’ workshops and retreats Roxy invites people to throw off their societal conditioning and explore their true nature through the ancient art of sacred sexual dance (also known as Temple Dance). 

With her uncanny ability to channel her teachings and a deep wisdom beyond her years, Roxy is a divine inspiration for living a Tantric life. But be warned she is also a charmingly terrifying if you are not ready for her powerful sense of being what a woman is.