Sexual Taboos and Spiritual Growth?

January 27, 2016
By Roxanna Minnona

For many generations, there has been heavy repression of sexual expression through religious and societal conditioning. When our natural life force (sexual energy) is repressed; fear, violence, shame, perversions, guilt and a multitude of disorders prevail. Over time this has created a lot of mystery and superstition around sex, who we really are and how to relate intimately in a fulfilling and satisfying way. This has been one of the main contributions to why most of us have wounds related to our sexuality and femininity. 

These long standing taboos have been enforced through silencing. In Days gone by, whenever there was an ‘issue’, the predominant attitude was “if you don’t talk about it, it will go away”. But the question is - 'go away' to where?

When the life lessons or obstacles are avoided in one generation, spiritually and somatically they pass onto the next generation until they are addressed.  

The spiritual forces that are presently on the planet are having a great impact on humanity. We are beginning to question the status quo as we seek to understand the true nature of things. We search for tools that allow us to effectively investigate ourselves and our patterns in order to restore a deep alignment with who we are authentically. 

We live in times of massive change where so many of us are called to step up and share our gifts and wisdom, holding a space of love for humanity’s transformation. The difficulties most women face in this journey arise out of the multitude of unaddressed wounds pertaining to their womanhood which relates directly to the mother wound and sexuality. Our capacity to be effective in this world is directly proportional to our inner work and ability to deeply know ourselves. Taking care of our own very necessary healing, restores integrity within our being that then enables us to hold the vast and powerful energies required for the healing of the collective. 

The retreats I offer to women are specifically designed to create a safe and inspiring environment to access hidden or latent powers and aspects of themselves for the purposes of forging a kindred and sacred relationship with their own life force (sexual energy). The most important relationship we can ever nurture is the one with ourself. All other relationships are built around this foundation.

Learning the art of self love, self care and sexual mastery is based upon “knowing they self”. Great care goes into crafting an optimum, safe and supportive space for this healing process to take place as you come to know your truest self, in your body, as the source of love. 

The retreat takes you on a transformational journey that is delicately held specifically for those who attend. I am drawing on a variety of tools and experience from the last 15 years of facilitating sacred womens workshops around the world.

The structure of the program is focused on increasing our intuitive wisdom beyond the rational mind. We engage in modalities such as:

  •  Yoni yoga (a maintenance system I created to address the spiritual needs of a modern woman)
  • The Enneagram ( A sacred geometrical Personality typing system for understanding the ego’s mechanisms and the door to true freedom from the mind) 
  • Conscious Erotic Dance Journey ~ Awakening the primary sexual archetypes to embrace and claims the full expression of our sexual energy. 
  • Human Design System 
  • Oolong Tea ceremony ~ Working with master plants for awaking consciousness and healing. 
  • Pranayama and Meditation 
  • Pleasure Egg (Taoist Jade egg practises) 
  • Kundalini / Chakra Movement  
  • Self inquiry through discourse and discussion 
  • Ritual & Ceremony