Get back in your body and reconnect with The Mother

Your body never lies. Only your mind lies. Your mind has created the mess of your life. Had you have stayed in touch with your body, your life would probably be percolating along—just humming, with you having everything that you need, without suffering. 

There needs to be some difference between men and women for attraction to exist. The more we become androgynous looking, the more there is no real activity happening between men and women. What is the draw? There is no contrast. There is no polar opposite to go to.  You cannot find that anymore. So then, what do women do? 

What women fail to understand is that if you over-exercise, and you do certain things, you are going to start creating too much testosterone in your body and it is going to throw your hormones out of whack. You were intended to be where you are natural. This whole thing “I am going to change it because of my mind,”—yes, you can get up, go and change your whole nature, but do you want to? This is some question that people need to start asking themselves before they start crisscrossing over to the point that you start all looking alike. You cannot tell a man from a woman walking down the street these days. 

Women fought for women's rights, they wanted equal rights to men. And now you try to figure out: What do I do with this mess I created—me wanting to know what they had? You needed to want what you needed, and it is something different. You never checked to see what women actually needed, or you would have gone into the work force and you would have said, first of all, every position in the government, every position anywhere where there is a man there needs to be a female counterpart sitting right next to him with equal voting rights, and hopefully she is in no way a man, she is still a woman. Most of the women that went into corporate, they all became men. They brought absolutely none of the feminine energy into the corporate world. They never brought the representation of the Mother. And Love. 

You have got to get back in your body. We were given these bodies - Day One on arrival. Most of us know nothing about the body that we were given. Do we understand the body that was entrusted to us under our care? Do we feel like we have come to a place where we would consciously and responsibly take care of it in order to do the things that the Creator sent you down here to do? Because if your health is gone, it is gone—the game is over. 

I had been healing other healers. I had been doing things with other people, massage and different types of things for years. Everybody told me, “Your hands are so powerful,” but in all those years, I never massaged myself. One day I put my hands on myself and started touching myself and felt the power that was coming through my hands—I cried for two days. Who is so unintelligent that they were given the most precious thing on the plane and never give it to themselves? I realised I was functioning from a place of total unconsciousness. I needed to correct myself before I started doing anything for anybody else, like they say on the airplane, put your mask on first and then help children and old people.

Now the thing that most people on the plane/planet (whatever it is that we happen to be sitting on) need to understand is that they are disconnected from the Mother. When I am talking about the Mother I am in no way talking about the earth, even though the earth is part of the Mother. It is not the entirety of the Mother. The Mother includes everything; earth and everything else. So I need to be aware of where that lives in me, because that is what is supposed to be guiding my life. So I need the 'felt-sense' of it in me, not an idea, or a concept. Those never become practical.

Once you understand how you work, you realize all that there is in there is silence unless you are still playing with all the craziness that they gave to keep you constantly in chatter. We have to disengage and choose: How am I going to spend my precious life force? If I give my life force to something, am I going to feel good about myself tomorrow for having done that? Is what I contribute going to create hardship for somebody else? Or even what I take away, is it going to create hardship for somebody else? We have to start asking deep and profound spiritual questions about ourselves. 

If you are a sane person on this plane you will always have to question what goes on here, because everything is insane.  This is where we find ourselves. We know that this is insane, but what we also know, is that we have never, ever, in our whole life used our intelligence to our own benefit. We have to reverse-engineer our own insanity. Nobody else is coming and doing it for you. If you never get involved in it, it will never happen. This is what I am attempting to tell all the people that I know, friends, family, everybody: Wake up.

They threw you out in a world with nothing to function with. You have nothing to deal with this world. Your mind will never figure it out. So now, what is it that they never gave you that you needed desperately, in order to live a sane life? You needed some way to do divination so you could get in touch with your destiny, what you came here for. The simplest way to do that is to take a simple divination tool. The thing in it is you want to make sure that you really understand what you are doing because you can trick yourself too.  

You need a divination tool that is really solid. Then you can sit down when your mind has some thought running through it and throw the divination. It will tell you: Yes, No. Simple. If you get a no, there is no need for you to pursue that train of thought. Forget about it and wait for the next one. And keep on asking the Mother until you land on something. 


The other thing that I am also doing—and I am putting it out—is that I am getting ready to start doing something here on this plane to liberate women and children. If nobody is going to do it, I will. But one thing I am also putting out: If I put my life out on the line at seventy years old for you, you have got to support me. You have got to pat my back. You have got to come see me, and refrain from going away and lying because you are not courageous enough to do what needs to be done. If you are in no way going to be a part of the solution, then refrain from trying to tear down what you do not have the courage to do.  

Women have got to start putting other women in check when they hear them doing this kind of stuff. You condone it by listening and never speaking up for truth. You have to get up in alignment and speak your truth, or you are going to end up in real difficulties because of your refusal to align with truth. You cannot have two masters. Either you are about truth, or you are about a bunch of bullshit. At least be clear with yourself which one it is, so you know what to do if you decide to change. If you are convoluting everything, twisting everything to keep other people mixed up, you will one day become mixed up about your own life and may never be able to straighten it out.

These are fragile things that people are playing with, but they act like these things are in no way breakable. They can be broken. Our mind is very fragile. People are playing with it like it does not mean anything. 

I looked at most of the things here on this plane and I said, “I have no desire to be a part of this insanity.” So what does that mean? I have got to understand how to do things in ways that other people have no idea of. I have to do research. I have to stay up nights. People want to be free, but they do not want the responsibility of doing what it takes to be free. They want it for nothing. 

I stopped dealing with shit completely. If you are no longer dealing with shit, you do not have to shuffle shit. But you have got to recognize what shit is and leave it alone. No one else is going to come in and determine that for you. What if I see someone that realizes that shit is shit and keeps eating it? I say, “We are done. Our time together is over. I am in no way afraid that you are going to make me eat any, but I do not want to smell it on your breath, so I am going to leave.”

We have got a million and one reasons why “I can't let go of my misery”. Unless you can let go of your misery unconditionally—let everybody off the hook—you will never know bliss. I guarantee it.