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Online Lesson in Tea preparation

The art of preparing Tea in the Traditional Ancient Chinese Gong Fu Cha method, is a time old practise, a perfected art designed to produce a cup of tea that is supreme in both its flavour, health benefits and induced states of consciousness.

Simply understanding the methods and techniques will enhance your experience of tea, it will also save you money in the long run. Lets face it, tea is in no way a budget hobby. Quality Artisan Tea can commands rather handsome sum’s needles to say the tea-ware is an endless tease to the art lover.

Brewing the perfect cup of tea (or at least a good cup of tea) requires skill, practise and a healthy dose of devotional love. Tea is the ultimate TEAcher, and all of us have our own unique relationship with this profound and magical plant. The role of a tea master, guide or teacher is simply to enhance your natural love affair by bringing some practical applications including:


Key Features we will cover

  • Steeping methods; water temperature & steeping time and number of steeps for the various types and styles of teas.

  • Most suitable style of pots & tea-ware for each type of tea.

  • Feng Shui for the tea table set up.

  • Golden rules for Ceremony conduct.

  • Properties of the various teas and their health benefits