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Minnona Yoni Yoga - Full Day Immersion

Minnona Yoni Yoga - Full Day Immersion 

The practise is designed to free up the life force (sexual energy) flowing through the body thus improving the quality of women's emotional, physical, mental and sexual health by addressing the core issues that are stored deep in our cells. Naturally this liberates deep residing blockages, unlocking thought forms that contract the body in chronic holding patterns. 

Coming together as women in a loving and concious way is as important as the practise itself beucase we as women need to become allies in our waking up process. We have all been programed to maintain the status quo, that is contaminated with fear, jelousy, sepration, comparison and estranged from any real femininity. To turn this around we need to go deep into the places of hidding, abandonment and rejection to liberate what once was and still is a sacred powerful sexual being
— Roxanna

This work gentle guides women back to their innocense and true nature, so they can return to their original role as givers of life.



~ Ancient Ceremony of Tea
~ Self Healing Bodywork
~ Yoni Yoga Practise
~ Womb healing
~ Cooking with Hunna from Salty Sisters
~ Nature Retreat and relaxation 

Price: $179
Includes tea and Organic Lunch