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Ritual and Initiation Ceremonies for Awakening Women

  • Repentence Creek Rd Rosebank Australia (map)

Expect a Miracle

Reshape your destiny
Love your life

" Now is the time to embrace who you truly are and attract you the essential ingredients to shape and manifest your destiny. Opportunities, a wealth of abundance in all her forms and beautiful relationships are waiting for you, what are you waiting for?  
Open the door to your life and
power. "

An invitation ... 

A Journey through your inner landscape, awaking your transformational powers through ritual and sacred initiation over 4 days in the lush tropical gardens of the Byron Hinterland. 

This ritual & ceremony journey with Roxanna Minnona & friends will create the environment and conditions to support you to go within to the energy plane, the source of manifestation, and begin to correct long standing holding patterns and self sabotage programs. 

Sacred initiation is the doorway to true freedom. 

Seldom are we willing to go to the roots. In a society that condemns death and discomfort with a pharmacopeia tailored to every disease, we never reach to the underworld consciously. Without going into the mucky roots, we rob ourselves of the wisdom and liberation that comes through “knowing ourselves”. 


This 4 day journey reunites women with their forgotten powers. It is designed to take you through your deepest darkest fears and beyond. To the place where your voice, your actions and your prayers are manifesting in this reality for all humanity to thrive and blossom.  

Devote yourself to the change you wish to see. 

This is not the love and light feel good goddess style workshop. This is real and raw journey that empowers you with genuine skills and tools that are essential for shaping your destiny and living your life as a truely liberated loving woman. 

Lift back the veils of illusion to discover the miracle you are creating in every moment. 

Sexual energy is the most powerful force we have in our bodies.

The classical descriptions of our erotic essence is vastly misunderstood by our modern culture where prostitution and pornography have degraded and bastardized what was and still can be, a profoundly sacred spiritual experience.

The transforming power of sexual energy works by allowing our natural breath to connect us with the essence of our innate divinity and vast consciousness. In this humbling place of sacred Union, sexuality and spirit become one. When our erotic nature is feared and repressed, abuse in the form of anger, depression, rape, and perversion prevails. The denial of the natural pleasure and beauty creates inhibition, guilt and disease.

Opening into Breath
Dropping into your body and your connection to the Earth
Singing and Dancing in true Bliss
Restoring balance to your femininity
Awaking and integrating sexual energy
Aligning with your essential Nature
Follow your hearts calling 

 The intensive is designed to give women a chance to dedicate their focus to healing, clarifying, restoring the personal and collective womb. 

~ Enhance your experience of yourself, your connection to your body and spirit.

~ Enrich your intimate relationships with both men and women, particularly how you experience yourself sexually. 

 ~ Improve your ability to give and receive pleasure and support your true alignment and following your path.


Time & Dates

Thursday 26 January     5pm - 9pm
Friday 27 January          10am - 6pm
Saturday 28 January:     starts 10am  
Sunday 29 January:       finishes 2pm
< Saturday is a residential night > 

Price $1290
Includes workshop & catering
Saturday night is residential

Camping is available onsite for the duration of retreat for a small contribution

contact for more information