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  • Private Luxury Villa North of Ubud Bali (map)


NITYAMA and the TANTRIC LIFE team are offering a unique 3 phase retreat program in Bali this October 2018


The retreat begins with a 10 day Initiation process offered to an intimate group of women who are ready to make an advanced step in their spiritual growth.

There is a deeper rumbling from the collective psyche of all women who are seeking more than the ‘hip’ and ‘trendy’ interpretations of spirituality; Women who recognise the dire condition we are in and have the courage to seek a true remedy. This initiation is for women who are ready to align with our life purpose and to awaken the wisdom that we have encoded within our cells. 

This is a rare opportunity experience the deep transformation of initiation with a living tantric master while being in community of sisters undergoing a similar deconstruction process.

During this unique program, Roxanna Minnona will facilitate a cauldron of transformation while Nityama will work ‘one on one’ with each woman, as well as with the collective group of women attending the initiation phase, to seed in her the consciousness she requires to support her ongoing feminine restoration. This will then form the foundation for the remainder of the event; 


The Second Phase invites male participants to join the workshop and exploring the art of conscious relating, putting our new found communication and intimacy skills into practise with our friends and loved ones. By interacting with women who have been through an intense deconstruction process, men can gain deeper insights to the roles they play spiritual  and how to develop their masculine potency to be a more effective positive influence in the lives of the women they love. This is where Nityama’s extensive knowledge and experience with proven results becomes a invaluable resource to our community. With all the humour, skill and compassion of a true master, Nityama uncompromisingly unveils the deeper truth to sexual & spiritual development. In doing so, he also reveals our hidden programs, agendas and all that inhibits the full development of our consciousness.


The final phase of the program is enjoyed through a series of Ceremonies conducted by our Maestro Sandro, with the assistance of natures sacred sacraments. This provides an excellent opportunity for men and women to grow deeper in love and consciousness, allowing the whole process to integrate through natures unique language of the soul. The ceremonies include plant medicines, sound healing, singing, dancing, feasting, sharing and discourses from Nityama all immersed in the beautiful lush tropical garden landscape, with mountain vistas, swimming pools, ponds and all the modern luxuries. This environment is teaming with transformative energy and spiritual nourishment highly conducive for both men and women to have ‘game changer’ breakthroughs.



The program is designed to be experienced as a whole journey, however, if you wish to attend only one of the phases, this option is also available. No need to have a partner. You can attend any part of this program as a single or couple! 

Phase One: $ 2500 USD Women only 15 - 24 October
Phase Two: $ 990 USD  Men & Women  25- 27 October
Phase Three: $ 1450 USD Sacred Ceremony 28 - 30 October


1. Women Full Program $ 4500 USD
2. Mens Full Program  $ 2200 USD
3. Couple Full Program Price $ 6500 USD

Prices here are only for the workshop excluding food & accommodation.
To reserve your accommodation with Heaven in Bali, first you must register here and we will send you a confirmation email. 

Food & Accommodation: Heaven in Bali

  • $95 USD per person, per day includes 3 meals per day PLUS Twin Share accommodation
  • Rooms are twin share (double or single). Single occupancy is possible at an extra cost 
  • Book and pay directly with Heaven in Bali after you register here first. 
  • Women: Arrive 14 -  31 October 2018
  • Men: Arrive 24  - 31 October 2018
  • Male participants are welcome to arrive on the 14th October and can be accommodate in the nearby villa, 2km's from the other 3 villas. Phase one is a womens only environment until the 24th, we can re-allocate rooms so as to share with your partner or friend. 

    NOTE: We have reserved the venue from the 14th - 31st so you can arrive a day before to settle in and leave slowly ... allowing ease and grace.


How to register for this retreat: 
1. Complete the form at the bottom of this page "Apply Here". 
2. A confirmation email with payment instructions will be sent to you along with accommodation details. 
3. Complete payment and send receipt. 

"Step inside a portal of sacred feminine wisdom and behold the beauty and healing that arises in the presence of true woman".


Please complete this form.
women applying for the Initiation Program must await approval before proceeding with payment. We will consider all applications and reply to you with a confirmation and payment details within 3 days. 

Living in the Buddha Field

Residential with Shantam Nityama 

Residing with a true master allows you to experience the profound energy that emits a frequency of healing and transformation at the deepest levels. There is no structure to the residential programs, but rather an intention or context for each gathering. 

This work is an invitation for men and women to untangle themselves from societal conditioning and explore their true nature and purpose through awakening the sexual life force, also knows as Life Force Energy.

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