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Wild Lotus Sessions - Morning Series

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Wild lotus Sessions

Restoring our natural woman with Iya Omitola <Roxanna Minnona>

A series of sessions
aimed at addressing our deep need to fully let go and surrender to life as it is happening in the body. Each Session is crafted uniquely with a particular focus depending on the season, moon cycles, planetary influences and most importantly, the needs of the participants.

The sessions incorporate The Yoni Yoga practise as created by Roxanna Minnona, as well as sharing circle to improving our communication skills and deep relaxation meditation where we intuit insights needed for regeneration and integration. 

Morning  Series - 5 sessions 
Monday 11th Feb - 11 March 
Time: 9:30am - 11:30am 

Evening Series - 3 sessions
Monday 21st Jan - 4th Feb 
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm 

"When nothing works .... just simply rest ... resting, as if there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to achieve .... dissolve melting into existence, just like an ice cube melting in the early sun, disappearing, evaporating, a dew drop slipping from the lotus leaf into the lake.” Osho

Yoni Yoga is a daily maintenance system that addresses the spiritual needs of modern women who are dedicated to their internal work and open to embody their full capacity for bliss and ecstasy as path for self realisation. 

It is aimed at improving the quality of women's emotional, physical, mental and sexual health by addressing the core issues that are stored deep in our cells. This unique approach is designed to free up the life force (sexual energy) flowing unrestricted through the body which in turn raises the frequencies and brings more Prana (aliveness) and awareness internally. Naturally this liberates deep residing blockages, unlocking thought forms that contract the body in chronic holding patterns.



Roxanna Will be available in Sao Paolo in 21 August -21 September for Private Consultations & Bodywork Session . Limited spots available, book in now.