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Obi Divination Training Series

  • A Tantric Life Online Byron Area Australia (map)

This training series is available both online and in person in the Byron Bay region of Australia. The series is comprised of three sessions with one week between each class to practise before we go deeper.


The primary benefit for using divination is to enable you to make decisions that are in alignment with your destiny and receive deeper guidance and perspective on how to live in alignment.
Whether you are a complete beginner or have been using the Obi for some time, this workshop is designed to facilitate a deepening of your practice.

Obi Abata Divination is one of the most ancient forms of divination that we are blessed to still have access to today. This system originated in Africa and is incredibly sophisticated, and yet, simple and practical for modern day life. In this workshop we will provide a solid foundation for you to develop your own divination practice using the Obis.

We will begin by using the Obis to use with guidance on “yes and no” style questions and explore how Obi divination is a tool to sharpen intuition. Especially, we will be to learning and refining the art of asking succinct, intelligent questions. 

A focus of the training series will be on using the Obis to track your spiritual process using the Ori consciousness reading method. 


Register for Obi Training Series

The Training Series includes 3 x 2 hour classes
+ PLUS ‘Deluxe Obi Practitioner Package ($97value)’

Session Times:

Wednesday 7th August 5-7pm AEST

Wednesday 14th August 5-7pm AEST

Wednesday 21st August 5-7pm AEST

*Recordings will also be made available

- Sacred Opon Obi Casting Matt

- Handmade organic hemp Obi pouch

-Ori Reading Divination Journal

-16 Odu Booklet

-Order of Seniority & Divination Prayer Card

-Dropbox of Obi Resources

-Free membership to Tantric Life Obi Club

Your investment
$250 AUD