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Online Mentoring Program with Baba Fatise

Online Mentoring Program for Women with Baba Fatise

We are thrilled to be able to offer this long awaited three month face to face mentoring program with Baba. The program consists of live group mentoring meetings, small group live mentoring meetings, and home practise. This program is especially suited to women who have had some experience with Iya (Roxy) or Baba (Nityama). The extended live sessions with Baba enables the course material to be directly tailored to the needs of the participants. This course is perfect for those who have completed a mentoring series with Iya and are ready to apply the knowledge in their lives. (Iya will be running an introductory course at the same time for those who are new to the work. For more information follow the link: Wild Lotus - Online Mentoring with Iya Omitola)

Throughout the course the 3 major themes that will be explored - SELF - RELATING - SERVICE.

SELF - Together with Baba we explore where we are in our process. As we become aware of Self and our habitual patterns, specific suggestions and clarifications for how to deepen your process are offered and tested. Together we will learn and understand the use of conscious language and the role it plays in our process.

RELATING - Exploring the art of relating while granting freedom for others to live according to their integrity - whether it be a child, peer, partner, family member, etc.

BEING OF SERVICE - Finding what you are more suited to in being of service. Where it is easiest for you and how that often brings the most compensation. Looking at what each individual can bring and learning to appreciate other people for what they bring.

This is a rare opportunity to work live with a Master in his field with the support and accountability of a group from the comfort of your own home.

3 Month Mentoring Program Includes:

  • Live group video meeting once per month - 3 hour session per month.

  • Personalised assistance in groups of 3 once per month. This will involve a 3-4 hour online meeting with more space to request assistance on personal matters.

  • Workbook and resource material will be provided. Home practice and study required.

What is required of you

  • Commitment to your process.

  • 3 hours online group session per month plus 3-4 hour personalised meeting per month
    (7 hours per month of live online connecting time)

  • Approximately 1 hour per day for reading and home practise.

It is recommended that you have done some prior work with Iya Omitola (Roxy) or Baba Fatise (Nityama) before taking this course.

Mentoring Dates:

July 7th -  6pm-9pm  AEST (all)
July 21st - TBA small group
August 4th - 6pm-9pm AEST (all)
August 18th -  TBA small group
September 1st - 6pm-9pm AEST (all)
September 15th - TBA small group 

  • Mentoring starts on July 7th 6pm Sydney, Australia time

  • Melbourne, Australia Sunday 7th of July 06:00 pm

  • London, UK Sunday 7th of July 09:00 am

  • Rome, Italy Sunday 7th of July 10:00 am

  • Bali, Indonesia Sunday 7th of July 04:00 pm

  • Tallin, Estonia Sunday 7th of July 11:00 am

  • San Francisco, USA Sunday 7th of July 01:00 am

  • New York, USA Sunday 7th of July 04:00 am

  • Sao Paolo, Brasil Sunday 7th of July 05:00 am

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